After nearly a decade of organizing the annual Jingle Bell Run, the time has come for us to pass it on to another organization. We're pleased to announce that beginning with the 2015 race, the Jingle Bell Run will be put on by the folks at the Youngstown Road Runners Club.

We've loved every second of the time we've spend at the Jingle Bell Run, especially getting to meet and interact with so many great runners over the years. We'd like to thank each and every one of you for participating and raising lots and lots of money for the American Cancer Society as well as a number of important local causes.

We have to note the incredible effort and work from George Kapsulis and Christine Ignazio, who were the driving force behind the race for years. We also have to thank the crew of volunteers who assisted in putting the race on along with the area businesses who sponsored the event and donated so many great prizes and supplies.

For information regarding the 2015 race, check the YRRC website at

Thanks again everyone! Happy running!